Token Registry / Contract ABIs

Token Registry

Fulcrum provides a registry contract (TokenizedRegistry) that makes it easy to query which tokens are available on-chain. It stores a TokenMetadata struct for each token, which is returned as a tuple array, by calling the getTokens function.

struct TokenMetadata {
address token;
address asset; // iToken -> loanToken, pToken -> tradeToken
string name;
string symbol;
uint256 tokenType; // 0=no type set, 1=iToken, 2=pToken
uint256 index;
function getTokens(
uint256 _start, // starting index
uint256 _count, // number of tokens to return
uint256 _tokenType) // 0=no type set, 1=iToken, 2=pToken
returns (TokenMetadata[] memory tokenData);

There are other read-only functions that may also be of use. The Etherscan-verified contracts for each network can be found at the follow addresses.

Mainnet: registry.tokenloan.eth

Ropsten: 0xd03eea21041a19672e451bcbb413ce8be72d0381

Kovan: 0xF1C87dD61BF8a4e21978487e2705D52AA687F97E

Contract ABIs

The latest ABIs (Application Binary Interfaces) for Fulcrum tokens and the TokenizedRegistry can be found here for each supported network: